Rules And Scoring
About SFL

Star Fantasy Leagues (SFL) brings the greatest variety of games in the fantasy sports world with a user-friendly experience that has become harder and harder to find.

With a great team of designer and developers we have created a site with endless amounts of unique games in daily and weekly formats.

Not ready to play for some dough? We have great freerolls! You can also play one of our smaller free daily games or play a free game for bragging rights and earn points towards cash games and prizes!

// RULES //

The following states do not allow fantasy sports competition for cash: Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New York, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington.

Residents of Nebraska must be 19 years of age to play in cash Daily Fantasy Sports contests.

In Canada, residents of British Columbia must be 19 years of age to play in cash Daily Fantasy Sports contests. Residents of Prince Edward Island and Quebec are not eligible to participate.

If you fall outside these areas and are still having trouble depositing, or have deposit questions in general please do not hesitate to contact us.


Star Fantasy Leagues is a user-friendly site that is designed for an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Conduct that is detrimental to this experience can be due to several different bad behaviors and it is the responsibility of SFL to deal with any such problems in an appropriate manner. This can result in suspension or termination of a user’s account.

Players who experience such reprimands can contact our support team by email ONLY at to attempt to have their website privileges restored.


Star Fantasy Leagues will allow new sign-ups to select any username (that is not already in use) they desire, as long as it is not inappropriate, offensive, or commercially competitive in nature.

In such situations, SFL will ask the user to provide us with an alternative username, which we will then update in our system.


Players will be allowed to unjoin any daily or weekly tournament, provided that the league has not yet filled. Once a contest is full or has begun, players are no longer allowed to withdraw from the contest.


If a game is postponed or cancelled, no points will be counted from that game and any players included in such lineups will receive a zero in their fantasy stats column.

If a game is suspended, then the statistics that are generated the day the game is originally scheduled WILL be used. However, any stats recorded after the scoring period (when the suspended game is being finished on a later date) will NOT count.


Members are able to deposit funds easily via PayPal or Visa, MasterCard or Discover credit cards. If your bank does not allow deposits into our site, you can use PayPal or Skrill for a very smooth and easy deposit process.

Our 'Cashier' section is designed for the easiest deposit and withdrawal experience possible. Feel free to contact us here or at with any problems!


Star Fantasy Leagues will attempt to issue payments as soon as possible, most often within an hour of contests end, providing that stats have been made final. Once the funds are present in users’ accounts, they will then be able to join new games immediately or withdraw their winnings!


Star Fantasy Leagues does not have a system for determining tie-breakers in daily/weekly games. If a contest is tied, contestants will split the prizes.

Ex: If there is a two-way tie for first place in a 10-player league, the two contestants will split the prizes for first and second place.

Ex: If there is a three-way tie for second in a multi-player league, the contestants will split the combined prizes of second, third and fourth place.


Star Fantasy Leagues only allows one account per user, no exceptions. If your account is being tampered with and resetting your password does not solve the issue, you may contact our support team to have your account closed and you may reopen a new one.

Star Fantasy Leagues has the sole right to close, or withhold cash from any accounts that it believes has operated in a fraudulent or inappropriate manner.


Star Fantasy Leagues designed a chat room to allow players a fun and enjoyable back-and-forth experience before, during, and after gameplay.

Players may have disciplinary action taken on their account if they use offensive language/content, harass, threaten or verbally abuse other members of SFL. Similarly, spamming, advertising other sites, or sharing unique promotional information is strictly prohibited.

The consequences of ANY of these inappropriate actions can result, at Star Fantasy Leagues discretion, in content deletion, account suspension or account termination.


Any multi-player daily tournaments that come with a guaranteed prize pool will run regardless of whether they are filled.

However, any daily or weekly tournaments that are not filled at their start-time will be cancelled with the buy-ins returning to all participants accounts.


If a player has been traded to another team after the daily players’ stats have been decided upon, players will still receive the fantasy points for that player if they play in that day/night’s game for another team – even if Star Fantasy Leagues’ stats provider has yet to change the team name of that player.

However, in many cases, traded players do not end up playing in that day/night’s game due to travel or circumstances coinciding with the transaction. In this situation, participants will receive a zero for that player if they are in their lineup.


Users can withdraw through PayPal or Skrill. There will be no fees charged on withdrawals.

Star Fantasy Leagues is not responsible for checks lost in the mail or any such similar circumstances. Any checks sent back to SFL due to an address error will be re-sent upon confirmation of correct address.

For withdrawals over $600 members will be required to enter their social security number in order to file appropriate tax forms at year end.


When a member enters any contest or league with cash they will receive a certain number of Star Points. Star Points accumulate in your account until you choose to use them for something.

Star Points can be used to play tournaments/leagues or to get prizes. SFL will also be running Star Points multi-player tournaments for buy-ins to bigger daily/weekly tournaments.


You will receive a referral bonus from players that you refer that:

  • Enters and plays in any Leagues/Tournament that has an entry fee and does not cancel.
  • Enters and plays in any Guaranteed Leagues/Tournament that has an entry fee ONLY if the league fills.

You will not receive a referral bonus from players that you refer that play in Freeroll Leagues/Tournaments or in any League/Tournament that does not have a U.S. Dollar entry fee.

// Gameplay Styles //
Play an opponent in a 1-on-1 contest to double your buy-in.

Finish in the top 50% of any Double-Up contest and double your buy-in.

Finish in the top 33% of any Triple-Up contest and triple your buy-in.

Winner Take All
The first place finisher in Winner-Take-All wins the entire prize pool.

GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pools)
GPP contests will run for the designating prize pool whether they fill to the maximum number of entries or not.

Most commonly used in GPP’s, Multi-Entry contests allow players to enter more than one lineup in an individual contest.

Consolidated contests with less players making up the total roster.

Use Star Points or cash to win entries into higher level contests.

Use Star Points or cash to win entries into Qualifier contests.

Free – Play for free for Star Points and work your way up to playing in a real cash contests.


Salary cap leagues are available in both daily and weekly formats.

The salary cap format is designed to allow players to immediately create a team of chosen players under a $100,000 salary cap. The combined fantasy salaries must not exceed this cap. Fantasy salaries are selected by the Star Fantasy Leagues team.

Contestants are allowed to switch their players at any time before the scoring period begins. If your roster is over the salary cap or incomplete you will be disqualified from the contest and your buy-in will be forfeited.


Players are able to create private and custom leagues for daily/weekly salary drafts. Players can invite friends and acquaintances to both private and public games.

Players can create custom leagues at any time. Only games that start at least 15 minutes after the league creation time can be included. If the league does not fill by the close time (5 minutes before the first game starts), it will be cancelled and each players' buy-ins will be refunded.

Private leagues are required to have a password. Only players with the password can join the league.

Players can make their league public if they don't believe it will fill by the designated draft time (It can be made public on the draft page).

Leaving your own private league will cancel that league. All players will have their buy-ins refunded.

Players may have up to 3 open custom leagues at any time. Those leagues must be filled or cancelled before a player can create another custom league.


Multi-Player tournaments are salary games created by Star Fantasy Leagues built for a great number of players and bigger prize pools.

Multi-Player roster rules are the same as regular salary cap tournaments but can range from over twenty players to hundreds of players.

The prize pools for Multi-Player tournaments are scaled based on the number of predetermined entries.

You have been restricted from playing real money games. Please contact support for more information.
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